About This Project

Typology: Hospitality, tourism
Location:  Borsh, Albania
Size: 7410 sqm;
Year: 2020
Client: private
Status: ongoing


Situated in Borsh, in a setting surrounded by olives, Ultramarine Hotel, is settled only a few steps from the sea. Dialogue between village and nature, integration between courtyard architecture and sea, is the spiritual core of architectural transformation. The goal is to create a unique waterfront building in the touristic village and guide guests to enter a pure living environment, experience a pleasant lifestyle as well as return to nature and the humanistic spiritual world. The mountain and waters painting “continuous and dimming hills, light waves with fade dyeing” can be largely imparted into the rooms with the reflection of the glass, like a solidified liquid spectacle, which makes people feel as if they are floating in a beautiful bubble in the sea.

Hospitality & Interior Architecture