About This Project

Typology: Mixed Use

Location:  Korçë, Albania

Size: 13 830 sqm

Year: 2021

Client: private

Status: ongoing


The proposed building is located in the city of Korça. One distinguished characteristic here is the element of roof. The new building is a massive intervention considering the typical villas in the city.

That is why the volume is fragmented using color, loggias, balconies and smaller volumes coming in and out the primary mass. The silhouette follows the one of the city, even though in a higher level, with roof like volumes in the upper floor. The landscape is created using organic shapes, with different types of greenery and trees, with rich textures. The project is designed to give a comforting, warm and safe atmosphere, for the residents and pedestrians.

Commercial & Offices Architecture, Heritage, Residential Architecture
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