About This Project

Typology: Hospitality, tourism
Location:  Voskopojë, Albania
Size: 2 200 sqm;
Year: 2021
Client: private
Status: ongoing


This project is located in the village of Voskopoja, Korça. Voskopoja is a village where nature meets art and history. It is renowned for having been a cultural center since 1330. The site is part of the Urban Historical Ensemble, which means that the new buildings must meet the criteria of the building restrictions in these sites, such as the maximal height, local materials, roof types, traditional architectural elements. The primary mass is divided into four volumes, each of them having dedicated functions. These volumes communicate with each other through semi-transparent “bridges”, dressed with glass and perforated metal, with traditional motives. All the elements used: arcades, stone tiled roof, chimney, cubic glass volumes in and out, materials, traditional motives etc. evoke the past also shows the potential of the future.

Hospitality & Interior Architecture
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