About This Project

Typology: Rest houses, Yoga and Meditation
Location: Petrela, Tirana, Albania
Size: 1 700 sqm
Year: 2020;
Client: Private;
Status: Ongoing


Set on the hill of Qehaj-Shytaj in the zone of Petrela, overlooking the mountain. The primary design intention was to integrate the building within the powerful landscape slop and to derive its poetics from the qualities of its surroundings.


The design considered dig into the hill to start the houses and to generate a back yard (patio), reaching the morning light and to protect this patio and main entrance from the wind. The intention was to “view” the mountain and the garden also from the back-yard, through the houses.


There will be 8 small houses of 50 m2 that will be organized in 3 categories: 3 of the houses will serve as rest houses for the guests, 3 houses will serve as home for the family that will manage the complex and the last 2 houses will serve as service spaces for the complex . This houses will be composed and oriented toward the garden and connected by a shelter that will create a special shaded space for relax and gathering.

Hospitality & Interior Architecture, Landscape & Urbanism