About This Project

Typology: Retail.

Location: Tirana, Albania
Size: 65 sqm;
Year: 2020
Client: ItalOptik
Status: Finished
Project Team: Edlir Burrja


ItalOptik is a very well known chain of eyewear stores and ophthalmologist clinic with more than 20 experience in the business and one of the very first eyewear retail stores in Albania.

In January 2020 the company decided to expand the chain of stores to include the Commercial Center of the brand new “Air Albania Stadium”.

Our purpose was to maximize the use of space to include a large showroom for the eyewear, but also a large office for doctor/patient meetings and preliminary testing. We decided to play around with a calm color palette to make it all about the showcasing more than the showroom itself. The result is the first of many new ItalOptik eyewear stores in the country.

Hospitality & Interior Architecture