About This Project

Typology: Mixed used

Location: Tirana, Albania

Size: 4 800 sqm;

Year: 2020;

Client: MVM architecture

Status: ongoing

Situated in a developed urban context, the new volume takes place in it like a missing puzzle, considering the urban conditions, context, orientation and the buildings typology.

The volume is modulated according to a rhythm, followed by the facade, construction and the organization of the indoor spaces.
The modulated volume has two elements treated in different materials: the grid in dark natural stone, and the spaces in between in wooden panels. The use of these materials emphasize the contrast that exists between the rigid core and the softness that lies inside the strong shell. The balconies placed differently in every two floors, following the module’s rhythm, create a dynamic state placed on the calmness of the facade.
The same module is pulled down to the site plan. This effect will be achieved by the use of two shades of bricks for the pavement, continuing the facade’s grid. Some of the modules will be filled with greenery, different plants, olive trees, giving a nice texture to the site plan.
Residential Architecture