Winner for the design service for the construction of residential buildings in the 5 maj neighborhood in tirana, to accommodate citizens whose houses were damaged by the november 26, 2019 earthquake

After one year of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Albania on November 26, 2019, MVM Architecture won a tender to design a residential building in the 5 Maj neighborhood in Tirana as part of a new development to accommodate the residents whose houses were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, and build it, in a joint venture with Alba Konstruksion.
The urban plan was designed by Stefano Boeri. Following this plan, MVM designed the building following the guidelines set up in the urban plan.Tirana Municipality, through the Earthquake Damage Reconstruction Program aims to accommodate families affected by the earthquake as well as improve the construction of apartments and other facilities in the safest way by designing and building to international standards.
MVM Architecture have prepared the building project up to the stage of approval of construction permits and detailed construction drawings. Besides that MVM Architecture is following the building process, with the intention of providing its expertise if problems should arise during the building process.