About This Project

Typology: Hospitality, tourism
Location: Durres, Albania
Size: 6525 sqm;
Year: 2020;
Client: Private;
Status: Ongoing


Located in one of most important streets in Durrës Albania, the new RG Hotel is a significant milestone for this undeveloped zone in the west side of the port, transforming it into one important tourist destination. To address the city’s urban regulations and to respect the wish of the client in taking maximum advantage of the site, the hotel’s massing has been broken down into three blocks, stacked together in a way to create a mini public plaza landscaped with local vegetation and water ponds.

The hotel distinct and memorable external façade is identified from the rhythmic play of light and shadow achieved from the undulating gold colored vertical louvres which protect from the hot Mediterranean sun. Organized into nine levels, the rooms are compressed between the lobby, administration, bar and restaurant which are located on the ground floor and the open pool where a picturesque 360˚ view of the sea and the city is offered from the roof top.

Hospitality & Interior Architecture